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Although Photoshop may seem intimidating to some users, it’s the most powerful image manipulation tool available on the market today. With the powerful workflow and superb layering functionality in Photoshop, professionals and beginner users alike can master this powerful tool.

Photoshop CS4 (CS5) Basics

Photoshop consists of several modules, such as image, paint, and channel. An image is a solid object made of pixels that display the color black and white. (Note: Photoshop also uses gray as a neutral color that displays a much wider range of color than black and white. However, much of Photoshop will use black and white or grayscale, which can make for a better tutorial when working with black and white). The paint module is the place to add color, textures, and other image elements. All the image elements are combined into layers to create a file.

The channels are used to blend, copy, flip, and mask layers.

There are several tools at a user’s disposal for creating, editing, and navigating the image file. The palettes have tools for tinting and color correction. From the toolbox, the user will find droppers, vectors, rectangles, lines, lasso, and other tools for manipulating the image.


Photoshop can also be used as a design tool. Designers can use Photoshop to create logos, ads, illustrations, and other marketing materials. They can use Photoshop to create and manipulate 3D objects and layer them to create convincing renderings of items such as cars, buildings, and many other items that have a three-dimensional aspect.

Photoshop is extremely user-friendly for beginners and professionals alike. In many cases, a simple beginner’s course in Photoshop can make for a long, fruitful career in the industry. The following are a few tutorials and resources to help get you started.


PhotoshopWorkshop Blogs

Workshop entries from the PhotoshopWorkshop blog, an electronic newsletter for Photoshop-users. There are various tutorials and how-to blogs for Photoshop, for example “An Introduction to Photoshop,” “Using Matte Paints in Photoshop,” and “Adding Pinch-to-Zoom.”


Free Photoshop Tutorials

Several free and inexpensive Photoshop tutorials from CNET.


Free Online Photos and Tutorials

This free site has several Photoshop tutorials and photo galleries.


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The Program Features

The most popular features of Photoshop are common to the program. They are:

Transparency editing

The addition of layers

The ability to slice, crop, modify the contrast and color, etc.

The ability to add many different effects to images and photos

The ability to create GIF and HDR images and to make many other photo editing effects

The ability to create and edit web pages

The ability to scan and edit photos in many different formats

The ability to edit and convert videos

The ability to create animation and even create 3D models and interactive worlds

The ability to create 3D charts and tables

The ability to create web-pages and similar projects

A variety of different filters

Managing and dividing parts of the images

The ability to create a wide range of different effects such as blur, gradient, tint, etc.

The ability to create a large number of graphic templates

The ability to import files and folders from Photoshop and the web

The ability to add a wide range of different layers

You can also edit a selection or a mask, and paste images of similar size.

Setting up folders

Adobe Photoshop Elements is designed to edit a wide range of different images and photos. Therefore, it has many different file formats and different image formats. You can convert many different images to other formats, and you can open any file in Elements and edit it by using the software.

It is important to know that the more complex the format, the more difficult it is for the operating system to open it. For example, most of the Windows operating systems are used with a wide range of Windows Graphic formats and other image formats. However, for iOS operating systems, the most popular format is.JPG.

The first task of most new users of Photoshop is to open and edit the files they use. Therefore, beginners should set up a folder where they can store the files that will be edited and the saved files.

However, the new user can use the program in several different ways. For example, most of the features and options are available both to work with files and images from the internet and to work with local files and folders. Therefore, the use of local files and folders will be much easier and faster if the new user works offline.

You can also save the images in several different formats. For example, you can save the

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To switch from Brush to Pen mode, click on the arrow next to the text link or click on the brush icon in the top right corner of the top window. To switch back to Brush mode, click on the arrow next to the text link or click on the brush icon in the top right corner of the top window. To switch between Brush tools, click on the brush icon in the top right corner of the top window.


Brushes can be categorized according to their purpose.
There are five basic brushes for all sorts of effects. You can use each brush in more than one effect, so it is important to choose the right brush for each job. To choose a brush, click on the Brush button (brush icon) in the top right corner of the Photoshop window and choose a brush from the popup menu. In the following photo, the brush is called a Soft Round Brush.

Soft Round Brush

Different brushes can be used for different purposes. To choose a brush, click on the brush icon in the top right corner of the Photoshop window. A small popup menu will appear. Choose a brush from the menu.

TIP: To use a brush to paint on an image, click and drag a brush over the image.

Brush Tips

To get an idea of what the brush is doing, click on the Arrow button that appears next to the text link when the brush is active. The arrow will change from arrow pointing down to an arrow pointing up. This allows you to view the brush as it draws an image. With the brush shown in the photo, for instance, you can see that it is outlining the window and door.

Outline Brush

There are three types of outline brushes. One is a light outline brush, which makes a thin light outline around the objects in an image. The third is an Eraser Brush, which is used to remove the outline. By painting with this brush over an area, the outline will disappear.

Light Outline Brush

Eraser Brush

Brush Tip

The brush tip does not really affect the appearance of the image. The Brush Tip option only allows you to change the size of the brush. The text link of the Brush Tip button allows you to control which Brush Tip is active. To change the number of pixels, change the text link of the Brush Tip button.

Brush Tips

You can change the size of a brush with the Brush Tips option on

What’s New In?


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Second one
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In my understanding, the first signature is used to return a function pointer (which I then pass to a method).
The second signature is used to return a function pointer directly, which can then be passed to a method.
Am I right so far?
Am I also correct in saying that the first signature only functions if the class has a certain additional member (e.g. a ‘this’ pointer in the constructor)?
Why wouldn’t the second signature be a member-wise signature instead?


I think you can use the second signature with a class. The first signature will not.
void (*func)(ArgType) = funcObject.func;

What is going on with
void (*func)(ArgType) = (void (*)(ArgType))&funcObject.func;

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System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10
1GHz processor or faster
15 GB of free hard disk space
DirectX 8.1 compliant graphics card
1024 × 768 minimum resolution display
To install more than one version, you will need a serial number. For the latest version, please go to the link: I’m always adding new features, so please check for updates.
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