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ACEmessage License Code & Keygen

■ ACEmessage.exe is a time saving and flexible multi-client desktop messaging software tool
■ ACEmessage can send messages to any number of users.
■ ACEmessage is built for business networking communication.
■ Using ACEmessage your Clients will not be able to view any other
■ Through our unique technology you can send your company logo and message.
■ ACEmessage is multi-platform (Any Windows and Mac operating system).
■ Does not require any end user action for sending messages.
■ ACEmessage does not require Client software installation.
■ ACEmessage can send messages to 3 different messaging Windows Servers via 3 different methods.
■ Using ACEmessage your Clients can create messages that can be downloaded.
■ Using ACEmessage your Clients can also reply or reply & forward.
■ Using ACEmessage your Clients can choose to forward messages without downloading.
■ You can block users who may abuse your company or message too much!
■ In addition to sending messages to users via the ACE Client.
ACEmessage can be used via a web service interface.
■ 30 days trial


I’ve used acmess.exe since the early 2000’s. It’s slow, and doesn’t allow for a lot of bells and whistles. Ate least in the last few years or so, you can’t change the subject line. You also have to start the message from the command line or through a scheduled task.
With that said, it’s ideal for setting up an instant messaging server for your company or department. I’ve used it on our main network, and it’s really nice for people to receive popup msgs from us instead of interrupting their work or other work on our network with that annoying beep.

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ACEmessage Crack With Product Key PC/Windows

ACEmessage is one way network messaging software for computer users (and Administrators) to send out instant network desktop popup messages to groups of users quickly and easily (Very similar to Net Send and Win Popup). The message appears instantly on the users desktop (Above all other software!) so other users have no choice except to read your urgent popup message.
You can create and customise your company into clear definable message groups and distribute messages accordingly (DOMAIN distribute also available). ACEmessage takes the instant network messaging idea and expands and builds it into a package that is easy to use for the distribution of LAN/WAN network messages. ACEmessage can send messages via two ways:
– Windows Messenger Service
– ACE Client
This flexible approach means you can alternate to whichever method suits your company. If you do not want to install Client software on each computer then chose the Windows Messenger Service. However if you want more control over the messages sent then ACE Client offers more features and options.
Here are some key features of “ACEmessage”:
■ You can send messages of ANY length.
■ HTML files can be displayed on the client (Pictures etc).
■ Message Timeouts can be enabled (Remove the message after x minutes).
■ Enables Clients to reply (If you desire)
■ Live Status View on Messages Sent
■ See what user received your message and if they closed it!
■ Clear definable SUBJECT line.
■ Plus many more smaller features.
■ 30 days trial


You could try one of these, which are all freeware and small, simple, portable tools that are very easy to use. They make it a snap for you to remind everyone to do something, like change passwords, logout of workstations, etc.

Inconspicuous Notifications looks kind of like that yellow meme but it’s not, it just looks like it. See what you think, and you can get it for free from its website, as well as Windows Live Essentials and Windows Live Messenger. You can assign recurring reminders based on times and triggers.
Apps for Instant Popups looks like a nag screen for Windows Live Messenger but is, see what you think, it’s a small portable program, it’ll run on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8, and you get

What’s New In?

ACEmessage is a FREE Windows Desktop Popup Message Sending software which allows you to send out quick and simple messages across your organization. It is a light-weight, yet user friendly, easy to use utility that allows you to send popup messages across your organization. ACEmessage is not Intrusive and will not actually install on the computers, however it allows computers to receive popups as normal windows messages. ACEmessage is FREE to use for personal or small business use.
ACEmessage Client Description:
ACEmessage Client is a FREE desktop shortcut that can be used to send out quick and easy popup messages to users on your LAN. The ACEmessage Client is user friendly and lightweight, yet allows you to send popup messages to users across your LAN. The ACEmessage Client is an easy to use utility and does not require any extra software to be installed.
ACEmessage Server Description:
The ACEmessage Server is a FREE Windows service to allow the sending of popup messages on your LAN. The ACEmessage Server can be setup on any server that you wish to send out quick and easy popup messages on. The ACEmessage Server is a simple server that will allow you to set up specific message groups for easy distribution to all users. The server can send messages to your users in any application that they are using. The ACEmessage Server is light-weight and can be setup on any Windows Server edition.
ACEmessage Server Email Description:
The ACEmessage Server Email features allows ACEmessage to be setup on any servers that you wish to send out popup messages. The ACEmessage Server Email allows you to set up a list of email addresses and can set the POP IP to distribute emails to specific users. The ACEmessage Server Email does not require any additional software to be installed on your server.
You can download the software and software installer from the links above, In the ACEmessage client download you will need to move the downloaded ACEmessage shortcut to the desktop
in the ACEmessage Server download you will need to place the downloaded ACEmessage Server executable in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft ACEmessage\ACEdatabase folder

If anyone has any questions please ask


Network Desktop Popups are something of an area of contention between software vendors and consumers, and by Microsoft in particular.
Internet Explorer has support for some kinds of Internet “Pop-ups” (that is, pop-ups that contain HTML rather than just images

System Requirements For ACEmessage:

Windows 7 64-bit
4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
Processor: Dual Core AMD or Intel 3.0 GHz or faster
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800/AMD Radeon HD2600 or higher (1024MB) or an Intel GMA 950 (1024MB) or AMD Radeon HD 2400 or higher (1024MB)
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2 GB available space
Minimum 30 GB available hard disk space for installation
Recommended 30 GB available hard disk space for installation

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