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Name Elden Ring
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The newest fantasy action RPG from Garriot Interactive. Rise to the Elden Lord of the land where your friends and foes are calling for you. Become a hero on a grand scale and walk the deadly lands of Darkness and Light.

Game Features:

• A setting full of excitement and wonders
A world where Darkness and Light exist in tension is presented as the main setting, with a colorful fantasy world of majestic mountains, valleys, and ruins. It is easy to get lost in the various areas with vast lands, dense forests, temples, and cities, and explore the familiar and unfamiliar areas, leading to the intense sense of adventure.

In addition, the experience of entering the dark labyrinth of Svalheim will make players feel a sense of unease, and the large dungeon awaits them as they step into the light.

The theater of war of Elden Lords is even more epic than you can imagine. The world of Elden Ring is as huge as you can think of, but the stage of history that is the center of the scene is even larger. It is like a fight of a family of which the day is thousands of years long, a fight which will continue into the future.

• A fantasy world of unprecedented color and depth
The world is presented in ultra-realistic visual expressions through a rich variety of art and sounds. A huge amount of quests await the adventurers in the game, and the feelings of fight and love will be conveyed to the player through a set of quests and battles.

Beyond this, the game features a wide variety of creatures and figures from all over the world, which allow the player to spend vast amounts of time by taking on the quest of completing the quest.

• An unprecedented system of development
The game features a system that allows players to freely combine the weapons and armor of their choice, giving them a sense of ownership. The game also allows customizing the appearance of the characters, allowing the player to freely determine the appearance of the characters.

In addition, you can freely choose the level of magic, and enjoy diverse special abilities that the player can use. This gives the game a diverse sense of enjoyment even when the quests are repeated.

• A different mode of experience
The game features a unique feature which allows the players to bring a character to the game through a variety of fashion concepts, and even customize the face of the character with a face painter. It allows players to freely


Features Key:

  • Fantastical Design of Castles and Dungeons
    To create an environment that players can enjoy for a long time, we have created a world that features elaborate, three-dimensional dungeons filled with special scenery, including blue water, green grass, and ruins.
  • Over 70 different character Archetypes, Weighted Equipment System
    Customize your character to create a character that plays perfectly to your own play style. You can equip custom equipment that can be freely combined or select from over 70 different archetypes that differ both in appearance and abilities.
    We have crafted equipment combinations that are difficult to beat for powerful treasure and attainable fantasy equipment.
  • Over 20 Special Skills Unique to Legend of Heroes
    Special skills have been developed in collaboration with content expert Kei Nawa to provide you with more powerful deep abilities.
  • Hundreds of Volumes of Pledged Works for the Game
    We have released several volumes of pledge works, including maps, character development guides, online games, and rewards. A variety of content for players to enjoy for a long time.
  • Elden Ring concluded:


    ■ WEB LEVEL-UP POINTS: Boost the “Elden Ring” (Level ups) to acquire “Luxury Goods”

    ■ THE PRICE OF THE MANGA: Boost the “Elden Ring” (Level ups) to acquire “Eden Empire Accessories” and obtain customers

    ■ Sales policy:

    • PRICE CHANGES: Receive price changes at any time. Even a price change without sufficient notice may be possible depending on circumstances.

    • WEB LEVEL UP POINTS: “Luxury Goods” can be used to level up the “Elden Ring”. Supplies will be maintained within 5 levels.

    • THE PRICE OF THE MANGA: “Eden Empire Accessories” may be sold in the shop for a price to level up the “Elden Ring”. Supplies are maintained at 3


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    “Frankly, this is the best SE game since the first Quake.”


    “It’s a title that, as a fan of SE games, I’ve waited for since I first played the first C&C. It’s the real deal. […] whether you’re looking for a good, old-fashioned hack and slash, a game based on a rich story, or a combination of both, The Tarnished Prince can provide.”


    “This is one of the most inspired ideas that have come from the indie sector in a while. I’m totally into it.


    “Though it can get tough, the game is designed in such a way that you always have a reason to continue playing. […] The wealth of weapon and ability customization in The Tarnished Prince stands out a mile, but unfortunately it’s not often used.”


    “I wanted to like Tarnished Prince, but I couldn’t. […] I think I’d have been a little more forgiving if this game wasn’t called the “Dungeon Siege meets Lords of the Rings hybrid” and tried to promote that it was much more than that. This game is really made for people who like Fantasy Hack and Slash games. […] I’m sad to say that I gave it a five out of ten based on hype and flawed expectations.”


    “One of the best AAA titles to come out in a while. […] There is so much going on in this game it is hard to put into words. […] The entire game is one large land with just about every corner leading to a new experience. Every time I think I am done exploring I learn about a new thing that makes me want to go back and find out more.


    “If you have a set of good swords and a good brain, The Tarnished Prince is going to be a fantastic experience. […] By far, the best hack and slash title I’ve played in months.”


    “There is no other game like this on the market […] if you’re a fan of Hack & Slash RPG’s or if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air, then you won’t be disappointed.”


    “This is a game that has it all. […] There is no shortage of surprises or surprises to be found.”


    “This game is great


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    Impression PLAYERS TILE








    Darkness Rising (Arrghus)

    Golem (Brigata)

    Golem (Mukkhan)

    Dragoon (Ventile)

    General Kabayos

    Eternal Wind Dragon


    Ratling (Balrog)

    Sashur (Ventile)




    When you are logged into the game and click on the title “Continue,” this will close and log you out of the game. This means that the progress you have made so far will be lost unless you save them.


    The game itself is a pre-version, and content such as quests and stages will change during the game development process. The content and information shown here is subject to change.

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Terrain is created in a wholly accurate manner on all devices, richly recreated and with a complex, beautiful visual style. Take on the role of Elder or Lanthanide to travel deep, unfathomable caves and twisty corridors. If you wish to become a lord of the realm, carve out a vast new land and watch tower cities rise from the rubble.


    Embrace warcraft, survival, and battle simulation. With the Crossfort Home Physics, we’ve enhanced in-home VR technology and added a new dimension to the storied lore of the Lands Between. We’ve created wonderful and rich worlds full of astounding environments to put the icing on top. Territory must be protected and every battle is a crucial one, filled with danger.


    The hard-charging residents of the Lands Between are called to arms! Settle your house, call your troops, befriend your neighbors, and raise an army. Fight, invade, and share! All done in this intuitive and incredible home such that grows up in a world!

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    Download Elden Ring Crack With License Key [2022]

    1. First download the game.
    2. Extract the files.
    3. Install the game on your computer.
    4. Copy the folder “Elden Ring” from the installed game folder.
    5. Run the game in order to begin playing it.

    Game version: 0.48.101
    Game version number: 2.0.0
    Date of release: 8/15/2017

    – Game background: 1920×1080
    – Characters: 1024×896
    – Projection: Nvidia
    – Characters are moved using the unity 3d physics engine.
    – Character animation is based on a timeline, and it uses 3d objects.
    – Opening menu is made using the unity3d 3dengine:
    – In-game characters do not have any limitations.
    – The User Interface is optimized for touchscreens.
    – Characters and most items have strong light/shadow and color effects.
    – Character’s expressions depend on their emotions.
    – Game world is built with the unity 3d game engine:
    – Game world is shown with a top-down perspective.
    – Projections can be done with any type of projection in unity 3d.
    – The user interface reflects all the actions taken by the character during the game.
    – Game world is divided into squares of a specific size (16×16).

    – Stage: Open fields, Dungeons, villages, and other areas.
    – Field: Each field includes buildings with unique designs.
    – Dungeon: Each dungeon includes three or more rooms with unique designs.
    – Theater: Performances are included in both the main story and side story.
    – Statue: Statue of a character, which provides a background story.
    – Caves: Dungeons with strong monsters.
    – Gates: They provide access to fields, to dungeons, to other areas.
    – Items: Items are special items that can be equipped by your character.
    – Some items have a chance of generating a special effect when they are equipped.
    – Characters in fields, dungeons, and stages have varied hit points and max speed.
    – Certain items have functions, which grant special abilities to the equipped characters.
    – Items that contain potions can be used to heal characters, and increase their max speed.
    – Characters can learn effects through experience points, and they can be leveled up by defeating enemies.
    – When a character dies, they


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Android
  • github: C’s odyssey


    the author’s description:
    The New Fantasy Action RPG


    How To Install & Crack


    Name of game : Dr.Dra

    Install instructions :

    Important :

    Method of activate :



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz or AMD Phenom X3 Quad Core, 3Ghz with SSE2
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 360 1GB, NVIDIA GTS 450 1GB, ATI Radeon HD 4870 1GB
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Hard Drive: 300MB free space
    Sound Card: OSS (Preferably Creative Sound Blaster Live! or compatible)
    Additional Notes: Can be


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