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Elden Ring is a fantasy action role-playing game developed by Madfinger. The game is scheduled for release on December 21, 2016.

System Requirements: PlayStation®4 Computer Entertainment System (online play not available in Japan), PlayStation®Vita system (online play not available in Japan), Nintendo Switch system (online play not available in Japan), PC (online play not available in Japan), Steam






PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita, Nintendo Switch, PC, Steam




Madfinger Co. Ltd

Release Date:

Dec 21, 2016

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Features Key:

  • Evolve Your Equipment, Level Up, and Build a Great Hero
  • Features a Customizable and Unique Character
  • Single Player Mode and Online Mode are Both Supported
  • An epic drama defined by deep gameplay
    Watch alliances reunite, enemies square off, and even friends betray one another
    Create your own epic drama, and join a multilayered story that unfolds in the fantasy world of the Lands Between
    Freely warp to other online worlds through an online fun element
    Possess the powers of a great hero
  • This is an HTML5 Game and Runs Smoothly On All Kinds of Browser
  • Explore the Lands Between Online

    Featuring a custom interface with an awesome character art style, the online world will be awaiting you from the start. Just give the world a name, and you can start exploring. You can also enjoy various activities, meeting people and forming parties, and you can interact in the online world via the in-game chatting feature.

    Possession Powers of the Elden Ring

    Possess the Powers of the Elden Rings. You have the power to draw the lands between other worlds. Go on and wield the Unrelenting Purity of the Broken Sword, the Auspicious Shining Hand, and the Detonated Flare of Glorious Radiant. These powers offer you the chance to conquer the world of martial arts, philosophy, and enlightenment; but an unbalance for long-term relationships will be the price.

    Rise and Become a New Generation Dragon Knight

    Explore a vast online world, a vast current of history, and an ever-boundless fantasy world, and no matter what, become a part of it! Go on and make history and take on the challenge of becoming a new generation of Dragon Knights!

    Upgrade Your Equipment and Experience a Shift in Episodes

    Equip your weapons to raise your attack and defense to overhaul your stats.
    Level up your attributes and gain new abilities to raise your stats and skills.
    Revise your equipment for a significant upgrade of various weapon, armor, and magic


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    Elden Ring (Final 2022)


    Armored Xenon, Nora: Latest 1 of 1 // Artist

    Armored Xenon, Nora, the latest 1 of 1 art as seen in the game.
    (This original artwork is not for sale. For more information, please read the policies below.)
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    The story revolves around a boy with a very bad temper. If you hit him once, it’ll change him for good, just like a game changing screen.
    The protagonist will become strong through fighting, battling with bugs and other characters. He’ll start off as an impulsive young man, but as his anger increases, he’ll begin to get stronger.

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    What’s new:

    PS Vita Exclusive Contents

    Guidance of the Elden: Support your character development by using this item.
    Optional spells that can be stored will be unlocked as you progress through the game.
    ※When using the Spell Sheets, you can see the enhancement effects of the “Spell Prompt” and “Gear Prompt”.
    When using the Spell Sheets, you can attack by clicking the target name.
    When you let the equipped spells go through, you can use them to make the magic attack more effectively.
    You can instantly use the Spell Sheets whenever you want by pressing the Y button, but their effects will change depending on the circumstances.
    The more exp that your character has, the more the Type of the attached abilities will increase.
    Casting the Spell Sheets with the item equipped as well as storing them increases the affinity towards the magical item.
    The more absences from the recovering spell, the sooner the item will recover. For example, if your recovery rate is 100% at 60 absences, the recovery rate will decrease to 0% at 71 absences.

    5,704GameCyber Dummy>


    Nexus Knights are sword wielding, shield equipped, melee opponents based around activation times. Nexus Knights are called up with an action and it activates before a press attack that matches the time of the pressure on the action button. All combos you deal to enemies in combat receive a bonus that uses from the strength of each stage. With two action types, one jump-in attack and one press attack, battles are extremely fast.


    Multiplayer modes

    Sword and Shield: Player versus player, a duel mode, where up to 4 players battle one another using various melee combos. 

    Challenge: A 5-player mode where players fight 1 on 1.


    Download Elden Ring Crack + [Latest 2022]

    1. Unrar.
    2. Run setup.exe
    3. Close game program
    4. Open torrent in game directory
    5. Play
    6. Enjoy

    This is a game made in unity3d 5.6.1 with all resources (scripts, music, etc.) made in it.

    Note that this version is a pre-release and doesn’t have the same features as the final version.


    Vitum:Developer of this game

    Tost:Playtest supervisor

    EEBD:Audio engineer

    ChromE:Audio engineer


    Draven:Former manager

    The End:Creator of this game

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    About Us:

    We are a small indie developer team.

    Our desire is to give the best service to our customers and fans.

    This is our first game and we would love to have feedback and suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


    -The new v2.0.0.8 version with lots of bugfixes and improvements is now available in the Mod section.
    -The soundtrack has been enhanced, now it has a more dynamic and cinematic theme.
    -The music has been fixed.
    -The enemies will no longer cast fireballs.
    -The battle effects have been modified to avoid static, and the flames are now dynamic.
    -A new gameplay feature has been implemented, which will make you feel the presence of others and how game world is expanding.
    -The time control has been improved, giving you the possibility to take your time exploring the dungeons.
    -The game has been optimized for play on mobile devices.
    -The game now supports resolutions larger than 1080P.
    -The game now supports cross-purchase.
    -We have updated the rights management system.
    -The game now supports subscriptions.
    -The game will be regularly updated, even during the period of the subscription.

    How to install and run ELDEN RING:

    1. Unrar
    2. Run setup.exe
    3. Close game program
    4. Open torrent in game directory
    5. Play


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Unpack the downloaded file using WinRAR or WinZip
  • Extract files using WinRAR or WinZip
  • Double Click on “EldenRing.exe” to start
  • Select cracked (Diligent) or standard version (Duke) option
  • Make sure that your machine meets the minimum system requirments:
  • Operating System : Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Framerate : 40-60 FPS
  • Allocated Memory : 256 MB RAM required
  • Hard Disc Space : 50 MB at least for GB-based OSs and 400 MB at least for XBOX
  • DirectX : 9.0 required
  • Input : Keyboard and Mouse
  • Keyboard : English
  • Crack file & Features:

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