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Popular fantasy video game company GREE Inc. launched the “Elden Ring Serial Key” MMO action RPG and “Hollowing” card game that allows players to enjoy the fantasy drama of the Elden Ring Cracked Accounts RPG on their smartphones. This “Elden Ring” series has been a great success since its launch in South Korea in 2016, being distributed in more than 30 languages throughout the world.

In “Hollowing”, players can enjoy the story of the Elden Ring saga while maintaining the bond of friendship that they have with their friends and comrades. “Hollowing” features the most beloved Elden characters from the video game and offers three game modes (Classic, Battle, and Adventure) that appeal to experienced and novice players. “Hollowing” has received a lot of attention for its high level of user-friendliness and is freely available in stores.

In order to promote “Hollowing” and “Hollowing 2”, GREE Inc. is thrilled to announce that the first season of the “Hollowing 2” anime series is scheduled for release this September! “Hollowing 2” is a multilayered drama where a group of young people and a master of swords battle for the sake of Hollowing. A talented writer and director, Yuta Tanaka, is to be the master of this project.

“Hollowing 2” is a project of the same calibre as the hit series “Cardfight!! Vanguard”, popular since the morning of its release. A second season of “Hollowing” has been completed, and GREE Inc. will take the opportunity to create a long-term online fan club for the sequel. A development team consisting of Nobuyuki Takeuchi (producer) and Yuta Tanaka (director) is creating “Hollowing 2”.

For more information on this project, please contact the pressroom at [email protected] or visit the official website at:


Features Key:

  • An Action-RPG that Offers a Unique Collection of Ability Bases and Action Combos
  • An Evolving Action System that Includes Weapons and Abilites
  • A Battle System That Creates Unique and Dynamic Battles
  • The Fantasy Action RPG World Seen in New Posters Showing “The Magical Color of the Lands Between.”
  • Magnificent Friendships with the Little People [Batentrassels] and Unknown Encounters with Unexplained Creatures and Objects
  • Your Goal: Become an Elden Lord
  • Whether you’re a fan of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past or The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, you’ll feel completely immersed in this new fantasy RPG experience where you can become your own hero. The Legend of Link fans that have played either will be able to fully enjoy a legendary game that offers a completely new action RPG experience and many new features.

    have a fun adventure in the far far away land between the

    II : Demons and Excitement

    Four people who do not know who they are have begun to climb the mountain of eternal life…!

    — The Legend of Zelda series

    I am an extremely satisfied GOLF club member…

    — your reward for playing the game! —

    were not expecting this excitement, were you? You did not have any
    idea that this adventure, together, would lead you to become the
    strongest warrior and the best fighter among your people?

    we walked on, we saw many beautiful sights. Trees and other plants
    that may have been extinct many years before us spread out before us,
    and mysterious chambers opened before us as we continued. Soon we
    found ourselves at the base of a snowy mountain. A robot, with the
    impressiveness of a knight in a sword-and-damsel movie, appeared from
    beneath the snow. After staring at me for a minute, “Rojan, you have
    arrived at the final dungeon, in Toron Village.” I could not help but
    begin to question the meaning of “finally.”


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    [News] NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG Elden Ring Serial Key OUT NOW ON THE Nintendo Switch™

    – Feb 18, 2018 –

    The development team of the fantasy action RPG Elden Ring For Windows 10 Crack is hard at work on the newly released Nintendo Switch version of the game.

    In addition to the general features already present on the Nintendo Switch version of Elden Ring, such as the ability to view the title’s beautiful opening animation in HD resolution, the Switch version also offers the unique online mode in which players can connect their Nintendo Switch systems with each other, to play together in real time.

    Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch version of Elden Ring also features a number of additions, such as the option to play via HDMI with other televisions, and the addition of a highly-intuitive Quick Match feature, which provides a high level of accessibility.


    The game takes place in a land where the Elden Ring is the only thing that stands between the peaceful world and chaos. You become a member of the Royal Guard at an exclusive castle where the royal line of the Elden Kingdom is restored. The Castle Elden is the home of the Elden Lords and their army of knights. And so you, a newly-minted Lord, are sent by the King into this defense-based setting, and your duty is to rebuild the Kingdom.

    However, one day a massive army appears in the region of the Elden Ring and an army of merciless assailants descends on the village. You must decide whether you should join the battle to protect the people, or if you should set aside your duty as a Lord and return to your home.


    – New game engine, new characters, new story

    The game is heavily grounded in the previously-released 2016 game Elden Ring for Nintendo 3DS, and a number of improvements have been implemented in order to create a game that is more enjoyable to play on the Nintendo Switch. For example, in the game, a larger area and better graphical quality has been created for the game’s large open world, and the game now offers more than twice the content as the previous game. Additionally, there are more than double


    Elden Ring With Key

    Old Games

    Switch to引用影片


    In this world, there is one reality.

    The world is as it was, and will be.

    However, the world’s creed is slowly fading.

    Hidden in the lands between, another world rises that is its very opposite.

    A world where the individual tends to disappear in the face of corporate interests.

    A world where the truth about the world is hidden.

    A world where the figures and faces of the noble stand out from the mass of the people.

    A world where the rich come to abuse the poor.

    This is the world of the great corporate interest.

    The world of the corporate interests is where the great power resides.

    The power that…

    They can do anything.


    If he wants, he can be a god.

    A god.


    Let me break this open.

    How are you doing this?


    I’ve been waiting for a long time. Thank you.


    Most people believe the world is useless. Things can only be fought over. It’s unfortunate but there’s nothing we can do.


    It’s unfortunate, but I’ve found what I’m looking for. Yes, I feel like a god.



    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The Legend of Legacy (PC).
    The world of the subculture, the second generation.
    In the future, Satsuki’s soul blended with another person’s.
    And, the Elden Empire was born.
    The era of noble discrimination. A decline by the Elden Empire Lord Race is set into motion, and a rebellion broken out.
    The fall of nobility was a different world?

    With the appearance of a man-sized stone, Satsuki’s existence and origins came out into the open. Her supposed future to touch on, to a future where the society was totally not set up, slowly opens.

    Exploding crystals created into Traces of memories, a step back to a time before the system of nobility was established.
    To the people who have seen the name of their grandfather, the people who aren’t born by the ancient ordinance.]

    12 May 2017 15:36:50 +0900Nienthou God Bless – a new 4th king of Shadow Kingdom in Nienthou




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    Additional Notes:


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