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Casey Minder and Tess Townsend of loveisDull.com have shed light on how to make casual sex become safer and more responsible. This definitive list includes the different types of casual sex you can go for, as well as how to cultivate a healthy, successful, and safe relationship.
You have become romantically involved with your now-boyfriend (or you’ve chosen to date him exclusively), but you’re worried about one thing: how do you know when it’s time to stop “casually dating”?
It’s okay to be worried about being super-serious with your first (or even if you’re the first) significant other. In a recent survey of 1,000 people in the UK, over half of people have never been in a monogamous relationship, meaning they have at least one sexual encounter that was not with their partner (and in almost every single case, more than one).
That doesn’t mean that getting in a one-night stand every now and again is bad, however. It is actually a perfectly healthy idea — you are fully in control of your sexuality and what you do with it, and you’re entering into this relationship knowing that your partner doesn’t love you any less for having sex with another guy/girl. You should respect your partner’s boundaries, of course, and pay close attention to your relationship dynamics.
You never know whether you’re going to want a long-term relationship or not — and if you do, you’ll probably want to communicate with your partner about it first. But if you’re not sure you want anything, why not try it?
Not sure if it’s time to start a more committed relationship? Check out these tips to find out.

Choose to start casual dating when you feel relaxed and ready to take things to the next level — not when you have a deadline in a few days and a freshly waxed car on the way. Of course, if you’re having an unplanned casual sex date, you should make sure that you like your partner — that you’re comfortable being with this person the next time that you hang out and want to see if you can spend time together.
If you’re thinking that casual dating is a way to see whether or not you and your partner can connect over an interest that interests you (or vice versa) before making the next move, then that’s fine, too. And as long as you make sure to keep things fun, it shouldn’t matter when you start.
Casual sex is something
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Butterflies may be fluttering in your stomach, but in reality, casual sex isn’t nearly as bad as you may think.

When you finally begin to approach (or more likely approach) hooking up, the pressure builds immensely. Yes, you’re attracted to that person — and they’re attracted to you, but with all of this lingering doubt hovering, you could be going into sex very unprepared. Essentially, you’re on the slippery slope and are more than likely to tumble right down it. That brings us to the biggest problem with hookup culture. Casual sex has been made the new normal (and not without reason), which can have very dark consequences.
Healthy sexual relationships are relationships that support positive sexual health and well-being. Hookup culture has led to casual sex becoming more normalized. In a recent study done with over 1,500 18 to 25 year-olds, they found that those who had multiple sexual partners, especially infrequently, were more likely to self-identify as sexually active, not sexually active but not sexually abstinent, and either sexually abstinent or abstinent.
Throughout this last few years, casual sex has been made the accepted norm.

It has been pushed on college campuses, where there are “hook-up” apps and parties where a majority of students attend, and everything has become “casual” sex — even kissing. To change that, the sexual health community needs to fix the problem at its source. We can no longer have sex without understanding what it is for, and why it matters.
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What Is Casual Sex?
In case you haven’t noticed, hookup culture is all the craze right now. The #MeToo movement, Vogue’s (surprisingly honest) advice for women, and the debate over federal funding of Planned Parenthood have all led to increased visibility of the ills of society — whether the problems happen at home or work.

I’ve been there. After I found out I was pregnant — a newsflash no woman wants to hear, but one I chose to hear — I was worried about “moving on.” For one, I didn’t want to be disappointing any future baby daddy by changing any routine around sex. It was early, and I thought I’d be old news a few months down the road. But also, I was petrified I would suddenly fall into the dangerous trap of being a negative, selfish person. It all seemed a little ridiculous


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