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The 1995 Asian Indoor Athletics Championships was held in the Taipei Indoor Stadium, Taipei, Taiwan, from 24 February to 26 February 1995. It was the 9th edition of the indoor athletics competition between Asian national teams, held once every two years.

Athletes from 12 nations participated. The hosts, the Republic of China, were leading the table with nine gold medals after taking a total of 15 at the 1991 edition. Pakistan took second place, followed by India with six golds. Qatar and Jordan took four medals each.

All of the men’s 100 metres races were won by the Republic of China’s Wu Shi-Chieh, and all of the 400 metres races were won by the Chinese Taipei’s Ho Sheung-Cheung. The women’s 1500 m race was won by the Japanese Akiko Suyama.

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