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Better Spoken English Book By Shreesh Chaudhary Pdf Free Download

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that is also the underlying goal of this course. achieving proficiency in spoken english is not necessarily an easy task. however, it is far from being an impossible one either. if you are determined to make progress in this course, and put in the work, you will achieve your goals and do yourself credit. the author has developed a three-phase method to help students achieve their objectives with an effective and efficient pace. the phases are the following: the first phase of the course is the learning phase. this phase is designed to help you gain the knowledge of english that you need in order to be an effective communicator of this language. in the second phase, which is the application phase, you are expected to apply that knowledge in the form of interactive exercises. there are two major sections in the second phase: unit 1 – basic communication; unit 2 – advanced communication. unit 3 – how to communicate. after the second phase, you will get a certificate. in the final phase, you will write a short report. in this report, you will talk about what you have learned and what you have achieved in the course. the author, prof. shreesh chaudhary, wishes to thank his students who have made this course so much more worthwhile than it would have been without their help and their contributions. we hope that you enjoy the course.

please do not print more than two copies of the student workbook or the student activity book or any other book, including your own workbook, at one time. failure to follow this rule could result in disciplinary action and/or an infringement of copyright.
in the student workbook for the spoken english learned quickly course, the whole text is set in boldface. the boldface text is called a “highlighting” text. it is done because this is the text you read and make notes from. you’ll notice that the paragraphs of the text are not highlighted and are what you have to work with. you can select the text that you want to highlight using the mouse. it’s best to click on the highlighted text to select it. but you can also highlight text using the highlighted-text highlighting function on your keyboard. just press ctrl+5.
as you read the text of the student workbook, you will make notes in the yellow boxes. the notes are called “thinking notes”. they are not for writing, but for telling yourself what you think, or for providing guidance for what you do next. when you are done with a note, you can save it by pressing shift+ctrl+n.
this book has been well received in academic circles as well as in a variety of forums where this literature is consumed. it is suitable for academic courses at the university and college levels. it also provides a good introduction to language and literature in english and the history of english in india.
the first essay examines the role of language in english language schools and anglo-american education in india and its ambivalence: the fight for hegemony and the use of english as a tool to instill and strengthen the colonial project, and the ability to use english as a tool to undermine colonialism, and the rise of a bilingual national citizenship.

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