Maleficent Full Movie Fix Download In Hindi Hd

Maleficent Full Movie Fix Download In Hindi Hd


Maleficent Full Movie Download In Hindi Hd

maleficent movie is a colorful fairytale of the ‘hood, a dark and mysterious story of emotion, passion, and betrayal set in a modern world. the film stars elle fanning as princess aurora, a young woman who, after she receives a cursed sleeping beauty talisman, is cursed herself. as a result of the curse, she turns into an ogress and assumes the persona of maleficent. maleficent’s past shaped her into the twisted, cunning and charismatic woman she is today. she ruled over the four elemental forests, helping the magical creatures and ultimately breaking the spell of hearts. after the spell of hearts is broken, her husband died, she suffered from a terrible loneliness and maddened by revenge, maleficent has obsessed to take her revenge on the three heirs of the aurora throne, and her purpose is to destroy all the three heirs of the aurora throne. in a cruel and gruesome manner, maleficent swore to finish killing those she loves, and she makes aurora’s new husband realize that he is the villain and he will not be able to survive even if he leaves maleficent alone.

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aurora lives with her stable guardian, stefan, who was sent by king stefan’s father to protect and train her. although the two are devoted to each other, and aurora has even fallen in love with stefan, her enchanted life is threatened. an invading army threatens to burn the forest and destroy everything she holds dear. only the fiercest warrior of the land, maleficent, can protect the forest realm. maleficent rises to be the lands fiercest protector, but she ultimately suffers a ruthless betrayal and an act that begins to turn her pure heart to stone. bent on revenge, maleficent faces a battle with the invading army leader, king stefan and a peace deal that will keep her forest realm safe is in doubt.
download maleficent full movie 720p, hdbluray 720p, bluray1080p, highquality, 1080p in [2.4gb] resolution. maleficent is a 2016 american live-action fantasy film directed by robert stromberg and written by linda woolverton, based on the 1959 disney comic of the same name. the film stars angelina jolie as the titular character and elle fanning as the child aurora, who is sought by maleficent to become the new incarnation of her evil counterpart. jolie and an ensemble cast of actors portray various characters in the film and, as such, the story features several subplots. the film depicts maleficent as an outright villain and condemns the idea of witchcraft and sorcery.

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