Tomb Raider 2013 PC Key Generator

Tomb Raider 2013 PC Key Generator

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Tomb Raider 2013 PC Key Generator

lara sees marks on the walls of her father’s abandoned house, which are undoubtedly related to the markings he saw on the ship and the box he found. lara discovers her father is hiding in the basement of the house.

the small statue lara uncovers is called a maat effigy, and is an egyptian symbol of a deceased person and sun god. it is the same kind of statue the herkimer children talked about. lara investigates more of the house. she makes her way towards the front door.

lara makes her way into the house. she sees her father in the basement. herkimer and the others have been drinking alcohol, and are out of their minds. after discovering that herkimer has the key to the safe, lara takes it, and leaves the house.

lara gets into the helicopter with the man who had delivered the key and she accepts help from the pilot. the pilot takes her to the nearest place he can. she notices that they are flying over the temple of death.

lara gets up early and goes to the tombs of petra to a ritual from her old days as an archaeologist, she whispers a prayer to isis, one who will help her reach the tomb safely. she is then attacked by several assassins, and narrowly avoids being captured. she then meets rodrigo, a trinity scientist, he explains that the resurrection energy is unstable and only lasts a few days, and that this light is being channeled back to himiko. lara demands to know why her father’s tomb is important, and rodrigo says that all the tombs are important, as they are the pathway to himiko’s power. he explains that the tomb of kaja -himiko is held by a nation that would be willing to ally themselves with the trinity cause if they could be sure of preserving their power. he tells lara that the child, himiko’s child, is a key component of this plan. lara demands to know who is supplying this child, but rodrigo tells her that it’s no one she knows.

lara quickly concludes that the tomb is protected by an invisible barrier. she is able to decipher a strange message on the sarcophagus, asking the island to help her. once the tomb is breached, lara finds her way back to the antechamber, trying to keep the tomb from closing while making sure it doesn’t tear off any more of the sarcophagus. as she contemplates her next move, the crumbled remains of a gun with an ammo clip fall out of the ceiling, landing on top of lara. she tries to shoot it, but the bullets are deflected. attempting to climb onto the sarcophagus, lara falls through the sarcophagus and causes it to open slightly. the prophet appears, and admits he was lying when he said he didn’t know who she was. he taunts her into climbing back up to the antechamber, but lara tries to run away instead. the sarcophagus closes as lara runs away. the prophet chases her, and eventually catches up with her. lara takes the fallen gun, and fires it at the prophet as she runs. the prophet stands up once more, and asks if lara had found what she was looking for. as the prophet comes within reach, lara shoots him twice in the back, killing him.
pressing a combination of keys will open the door to enter the main levels of the level. as you will find, this is a common approach. if the door is locked, you’ll need to find a way to change the combination. you can start looking for these codes from anywhere in the level once you find a hidden passage. there may also be code doors that unlock doors in any level if you’re lucky. you can also find codes hidden in nooks and crannies in the levels, or during exploration. if you find yourself short on time, it’s always possible to find a secret code to alter the door you need from the available ones.

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