Soniccouture € Sheng Khaen Sho (KONTAKT) ((FREE))

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Soniccouture € Sheng Khaen Sho (KONTAKT)

3; Simulation of breathing + pressure; Contact Player + NKS. The Chinese sheng, the Lao khen, and the Japanese sho are three very similar instruments. Sheng Kaen Sho. Play. A collection of free reed instruments from Asia. Chinese Sheng, Lao Khaien and Japanese Sho. Click for more information. The Sheng Sheng is an ancient Chinese instrument that sounds like a xylophone. Its difference is that a long tongue is used as a membrane. The sound it makes can be quiet or harsh. Usually used to slow down the beat momentarily. He can be found in the orchestra, where he often plays a supporting role. But there is another variation of the Schen that is considered equally important: it is known as a musical instrument with four reeds.


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