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How can I select the highest value from my model query?

I have a model Question with two fields: id and score.
How can I select a question with the highest score, when I have two rows, with the same score?
I can only come up with the following sql statement:
var max = Article.Max(x => x.Score);
return db.Questions.Where(x=>x.Id == max).OrderByDescending(x => x.Score).Take(1).FirstOrDefault();

The result is not always the highest row.
Any ideas?


You need to tell the database server to restrict it to the particular record you want.
var max = Article.Max(x => x.Score);
var question = db.Questions.OrderByDescending(x => x.Score).FirstOrDefault(x=>x.Id==max);
if (question!= null)
return question;
throw new InvalidOperationException(“There was no question with id: ” + max);

Although if the database provides support for window functions (and I don’t know whether does EF) then you could use:
var max = Article.OrderByDescending(x => x.Score).Select(x=>x.Id).Max();
return db.Questions.Where(x=>x.Id == max).FirstOrDefault();

This is even better, since it will sort the table and then only the wanted row is used.
Your database server could also implement ranking functions. Ranking functions have some limitations, see


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